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Discover the long-forgotten secrets that helped our forefathers survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts and anything else life threw at them...

the lost ways 2 book

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The Lost Ways™ 2 by Claude Davis

the lost ways 2 book

The Lost Ways™ 2 Survival Publication by Claude Davis

The Lost Ways™ 2 book is an excellent guide written by Claude Davis to revive the old ways of survival. All of the details mentioned in it are practical and scientifically justified. The main objective of this program is to discover all of our forefathers' ancient ways and secrets for dealing with hard conditions such as sickness, wars, drought, and other life-threatening disorders.

This comprehensive guidebook can be hugely helpful in preserving your loved ones' lives, particularly during natural disasters. It focuses mainly on high-nutrient meals that can aid in survival during times of food scarcity. These foods have a longer shelf life, allowing our forefathers and mothers to keep them even without refrigerators and other associated technologies.

The author of the program explains how to produce and store these foods in pit holes for an extended period of time. Apart from that, this guide has a lot of additional important information on various topics, including finances, health, and life crises.

About The Author

After the success of The Lost Ways™, the author Claude Davis released a second edition known as The Lost Ways™ 2. The unique thing about this survival guide is that it has been purposely edited in an old-fashioned way.

Claude Davis is known as a survival expert and an author with over 30 years of experience. He is also behind the survival website, He created the guide after seeing how the modern society is disconnected from the ways of our ancestors.

According to Claude Davis, the guide is aimed at helping us to get back on the right track. He believes that by sharing the long-forgotten survival tactics our forefathers used, he can equip people with useful survival skills to use when disaster comes their way.

What's The Lost Ways™ 2

disaster crisis

It is a 300-page survival guidebook created by Claude Davis and is available in both digital and printed versions. It is a compilation of traditional survival secrets from the days of the American frontier. The Lost Ways™ 2 can show you how to benefit from the food supplies and medical remedies that allowed our new nation's people to thrive in the absence of electrical power, freezers, broadcast/digital technologies, and organized law enforcement. People had to gather everything they needed to survive from the natural world that surrounded them without Safeway or Walmart.

The guide claims to help people prepare to deal with the worst crisis caused by famine, war, or even natural disasters. This is by teaching people some of the ancient secrets and techniques our ancestors used to deal with the worst crises like drought, diseases, financial crisis, and other life-threatening issues.

According to Claude Davis, everything in the guide is practical and approved scientifically. Each chapter of The Lost Ways™ 2 addresses a unique survival need that is important in taking care of yourself and your family. Besides, it includes detailed chapters that make it easy to read and understand.

So how exactly does it work?

The Lost Ways™ 2 is essentially a 300-page ebook containing valuable information about human survival in dire situations and the benefits of ancient organic superfoods. This guide focuses on teaching the old survival skills that our forefathers used to survive without civilization.

Claude Davis will teach you how to grow these foods and store them for later use in the guide. Besides that, you will gain access to additional helpful information in areas including health, finances, and life crises.

This program is fundamentally about highly nutritious foods that will help you live in the face of food scarcity. The foods mentioned in the guide have a long lifespan, which enabled our ancestors to have ample stock even without refrigerators.

What Will You Learn From The Lost Ways™ 2 ?

Wild West hunted deer

Even with all of the comforts that contemporary technology provides, it is crucial to have life skills since they will come in handy when faced with difficulty. The below are the contents of The Lost Ways™ 2 guide:

  • Detailed Pemmican Recipes

Did you know the pemmican diet, then you should know that this is food that was mainly used by Native Americans in the 18th Century and onwards to the 19th Century. Using The Lost Ways™ 2, you will learn everything from collecting deer meat, drying it, and how to also prepare rendered fat (popularly known as tallow or suet). Most importantly, you will learn how to prepare these recipes so that they may be stored without refrigeration for an extended period of time.

  • A Lost Super Food

This section will teach you how to prepare healthful cuisine utilizing foods utilized by Native American Scouts in the past. The food was vitamin- and carbohydrate-dense and protein-dense, and it was compact and light. The best thing is that the food may be stored for an extended period of time without refrigeration. This meal is nutritious and self-sufficient.

  • The Lost Skill Of Wild Plants

As time passes, more people embrace chemical-based treatments, which, while effective in curing diseases, are detrimental to health. People used wild plants and herbs to treat and prevent sickness in ancient times. This guidebook explains the medical application potential of a variety of herbs. You'll discover how to plant them in your own garden for more straightforward access.

  • How To Build Log Houses

The environment suffers significantly as a result of human settlement expansion. As a result, securing a safe location to build a shelter in the case of a crisis is nearly impossible. The Lost Ways™ 2 will teach you how to construct a safe house entirely out of logs. Naturally, the cost of such a house is cheaper than the cost of a modern house.

  • How To Purify Water With Charcoal

Are you aware there are people in the United States today who have access to safe drinking water? This guide will show you how to live independently on the same. Traditionally, people collected rainwater or dug wells for drinking water. You can do the same thing, but there is no guarantee that the resulting water is safe to drink. This guide will explain how to purify water with natural materials such as charcoal.

  • Digging A Well In No Time

Additionally, this part of the program will explain to you how to build a well in a short period of time. Without excessive work or inflated prices, you can make your well for water access.

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This free bonus package, written by Aaron Michaels, shows you how to avoid being overly reliant on the government for water, electricity, and other necessary services and how to survive without modern technology.

You will learn how to split your land into portions and what type of plants to grow. You will discover numerous survival techniques, such as how to harvest rainwater and plant various medicinal plants.



With all the concern about biological warfare and nuclear weapons, many people forget about weapons that emit a strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

For large areas of land, a single EMP detonation can deactivate all electrical equipment and digital communication methods in the area.  As a bonuses, you'll learn the 43 things you must do to prepare for an EMP attack.


The Lost Ways™ 2 Pros & Cons


  • Best Guide For Healthy Life

  • Sustainable Life Cycle

  • Creation For Safe And Best Underground Houses

  • All tips and techniques in this guide are practical and can be used at any time.

  • Very affordable. The book is filled with researches and it costs less than other survival guidebooks. 

  • This Guide Is More Comprehensive Than Any Other in the Market Today

  • You can select printed, and digital version makes it easy to understand and even implement the techniques.

  • Relatively inexpensive, given that you will also receive two free bonus guides along with the book worth over $29 each book.

  • Offer refund 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if they are not happy with the information in the book.


  • The hard duplicate is solid and bulky. The 300-page book reserve is bounded as an old publication and that means you cannot make it around just like a pocketbook. 

  • It demands a lot of commitment and effort from the reader to master all the techniques in the book. So if you know you cannot find the time to read a 300-page book, The Lost Ways™ 2 is not for you.

  • Although the book is available in print- and digital format, if you choose the printed format, then you will have to incur extra costs for the shipping and handling.

Final Verdict

Overall, The Lost Ways™ 2 is a very informative survival guide that will help you learn how to prepare for natural disasters. If you're looking to be self-sufficient, you'll find a lot of important information in this book The Lost Ways™ 2. The author of The Lost Ways™ 2 are offers 60-day money-back guarantee in case you're not satisfied with your purchase. Within 24 hours, your money will be back refunded.

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